Seamless Flooring


It’s a fact. Seamless resin flooring is one of the best industrial or commercial flooring choices that you can make. It does not matter what type of flooring system you have – or even if you don’t have a system at all. If you are building a new construction, epoxy resin floors are a great way to create an industrial workplace foundation. If you have an old concrete floor that has seen better days, our seamless systems can repair and renew it to the latest in industrial expectations.

Respol can update any surface with colours and interior design to match your most demanding requests. Our expert installation teams have the latest technology available for the installation of your industrial requirements – from polished concrete floors to anti-slip, anti-static, and chemical resistant solutions.

By its very nature, a poured epoxy floor has an unsurpassed durability. It’s the nature of epoxy resin. Typically this is the result of two components — a base and a hardener — reacting with each other to create an inert compound that only has the attributes that you wish to have.

Our experts can carry out a traditional installation or respond to the most challenging project. Respol has the ability to provide a total floor service from the initial planning to the final polish. We can help you choose the ideal industrial coating for your environment, select the proper substrate preparation and advise on the best primers and sealers. We will also keep you informed on the downtime involved.

Respol has developed systems and innovative technical solutions for even the most demanding tasks. These include reforming heavy-duty expansion joints and installing heavy-duty bund areas with falls to drains and oil retaining machine bases. 

We work together with our clients to find solutions and we are confident we can assist you in planning the ideal design for your commercial or industrial environment. For further information, a consultation or a quote, click to contact us, or call us directly on 01952 740400.