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Respol Ltd are a family owned business who aim to provide a comprehensive and guaranteed flooring service. Over the years we have maintained a reputation for outstanding service and innovative methods when it comes to flooring solutions. Respols products are designed to perform to the highest standard and provide cost-effective solutions in all kinds of environments.

RESPOL focuses on producing and installing top quality flooring while remaining as cost-effective as possible. One of our outstanding cost-effective features is that our flooring systems can cure overnight, minimising lost production time in your industrial environment. Another cost-effective offering is the potential to repair existing flooring.

We can simply apply a dust proof coating to seal an existing bare concrete surface or we can strip away old tiles and paint and prepare the existing substrate for a new resin flooring system that has custom properties that your business needs, such as being low-slip, anti-static, chemical resistance or anti-bacterial. Our flooring systems can be applied over concrete, steel, wood, asphalt and quarry.

We have installed millions of metres of industrial and commercial flooring, some medium duty, some heavy duty. From epoxy floor coatings to polyurethane floor coatings to new skins on old concrete flooring, to hand-trowelled concrete finishes and beyond, RESPOL has done it all.

RESPOL offers a complete nationwide service from preparation to installation, with free of charge and no-obligation survey and recommendations, with a single source uncomplicated warranty.

RESPOL is a member of FeRFA, the Resin Flooring Association, and has won the FeRFA Contractor of the Year award twice as well as the FeRFA Trainer of the Year Award. RESPOL is one of the leading Industrial flooring contractors in the UK today

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We offer a wide range of flooring systems including epoxy resin, polyurethane, pumped & epoxy screed, decorative systems, MMA and resin carpet

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  • September 2017
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  • 1985
  • £1,200,000

We are happy with the quote and will be sorting out the paperwork from this side today. I will move it along as quick as I can. It’s all been a bit of a rush I’m afraid so thank you all at Respol for arranging things so quickly

- Simon Baldwin Area Manager – WoP/MFO 2 Worcester Bosch Group -

No problem, job is spot on and the guys were all great!

- Rob David AAC Plastics Group -

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